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I implore you...

Hey folks.

This community is still very quaint, but we do have a couple of members.  I want to implore those of you who have already taken interest in this community to promote it to interested friends, and more importantly, WRITE SOME OBAMAFICS!!

I am working on a new Fic that I hope to post this week.

Furthermore,  I want to take suggestions from folks - anything that you think we can add or improve, please let me know.

Another note:  I am looking for two members who would be interested in modding this community.  Let me know if you are interested, and we can debate the specifics of it.

Thanks, and much love!

(image props go to ladypolitik )

3:00 AM Another Barack/Michelle love fic

Fic: 3:00 AM, Barack/Michelle
Title:  3:00 AM
Author </a></b></a>rock_bottom 
Rating: R
Pairing:Barack Obama/Michelle Obama
Summary:  A little 3 AM post convention bliss.
Notes/Warnings:  A little fluffy, but I hope it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.  Of course, these are real people and I'm making this stuff up, there's no truth in my musings.  Also, I'm taking a free ride with fact here, as I have no idea exactly where Barack and Michelle were immediately following the final day of the convention.

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Sex In the White House

Sex in the White House
Title: Sex In the White House
Author: rock_bottom
Rating: R
Pairing: Barack/Michelle Obama
Summary: Marital love that it seems the media and the rest of the world isn't banking on...
Notes/Warnings:Not explicit,  but hot enough.
Crossposted to polifics 

So, there was this somewhat ridiculous and incredible blog report on sex in the White House, that I just do not find valid, given the obvious way the Obama's love each other. Apart from whatever Huffpo bloggers think, I think the Obamas display a seriously FIERCE love and sexual relationship, and a really awesome marriage.

At any rate, I love Barack/Michelle.

Anyway, here be my fic to respond to that first article's assumption/reporting.  (which I think is a farce/joke)

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